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Confessions of a TV Junky

I have to admit I watch Hawaii Five-O. And sure, there’s a certain amount of eye-candy of the male persuasion there that makes me happy. Even the bad guys are hot. But the real reason? In High Def, the panoramic shots of Hawaii are stunning. It looks warm. The water is lovely. The green is so beautiful. So basically, I’m all a’drool over the scenery. I have never been there, but I so want to go one day. I know, as confessions go, not very juicy, but I’m in Montana. It’s winter. I think it’s about 10 degrees right now. So wishful watching is what I do.

In other news, I have completed all on my to-do list for the day. I decided I would start creating a weekly to-do list that made me break tasks up over the week and allow me to get things done. I hope. It worked for today. Now to see if I can get it done tomorrow. The key is not to make the list too heavy. Just three or four specific tasks that I can accomplish after work, and writing is definitely scheduled for specific time. I might do more, but at least I will definitely schedule that time. But some of the other things include chores and getting specific projects done.

Also, I’ve got a new post up on Magical Words talking about Writer’s Guilt. It’s what’s given rise to my task list.

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The scenery is almost the only reason to watch H:5-0. And I mean the Hawaiian scenery, not the eye candy. :)
It's funny how compelling it is. Especially the water. Especially in High Def. Makes me now want to get the blu ray versions of LOTR.

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