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Reading and Food and Orchids

I really hadn’t realized how little reading I’ve been doing of late. I buy tons of books and then don’t end up reading them. So my TBR stacks of actual books and ebooks are really large. Massive. Enormous. Anyhow, I have been making a strong effort to read more this year. I used to do nothing but read, and then somehow I stopped. I spent more time with the TV and life. I’ve been missing out. So I determined this year to make a point of reading more. Part of the issue is that I used to sit down and read books all through in one reading. Or pretty close. Now I have to space it out over days or a week. Depending on my work schedule and life schedule.

I am happy to report that so far this year I’ve read 9 books. That’s about one book every four to five days. I’m pretty happy with that. If I keep that up, I can read 70 books this year. I never ever kept track of how many books I read before. Seems kind of stupid. Like more about how many than what I read. But I think at this point it might help me remember to turn off the TV or to grab the time instead of thinking I don’t have enough to get reading done.

It’s the same with writing. You can’t always have a lot of time to write, or rather, a large block. Sometimes you have to work it into short snatches. Same with reading. Heck, same with cleaning and life. Anyhow, I need to figure out what I’m going to start reading next. It’s almost overwhelming–I have so many choices. It’s a fun dilemma to have.

In other news, one of my orchids is blooming. This has never happened before. I’m stunned I didn’t kill it. The blooms are not what you think of for orchids. They are small and purple. Very delicate. I’m really excited to see them open all the way.

In other news, I want to figure out something yummy to make this week. Something the kids will like and something new that I haven’t made before. I’ve never made risotto, and am considering that, but I wonder if anyone has other ideas. The kids eat just about anything, though they are not fond of spicy things or lettuce. Personally I hate mushrooms and fish. If anyone has ideas, do offer them.

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I've been keeping a reading list for fifteen years now. You can tell when I started writing professionally, because the number of books I read yearly (which used to be hundreds) collapsed into the tens. Last year was my best year in a decade, and I read about 75 books. I feel that 104 is the absolute minimum bearable number, but 75 is a lot better than my nadir of 15. o.O

Anyway, I kinda like keeping a reading list!
I'm just hoping to hit 52 this year--one a week on average. I at least want to hit that. I want to not let myself forget to read. This is one of the reasons I started my online book club--to help motivate.

15? Wow. That is not at all like you. Course how many books did you write that year?
One and a half, but I also had a baby. :)
I've started keeping a reading list at Goodreads so that I force myself to track my reading. Like mizkit, I stopped reading a lot when I started writing, and now I notice that when I get stressed, I stop reading.

Which reminds me, gotta figure out if I own Moon Called or if I have to go get it....
My copy of Moon Called is buried somewhere in a box, so I have to get another copy. I'm putting up reviews on Goodreads to help me remember what I've read and how I like it. I tend to lose track sometimes.

Oh, it looks like Patty and Mike plan to be at Miscon afterall, or so the Hurog website says.

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