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Moon Called Book Club Discussion

Today we are here to discuss Moon Called by the Fabulous Patty Briggs. Some of you will have read it long ago and maybe read it many times since. Some may have never picked it up. It’s a fact that this is a highly successful Urban Fantasy and one that frequently serves as a touchstone for all other urban fantasies. mooncalled

I read this book long ago when it first came out and have been a fan of Patty’s for long before that. I remember just loving it at the time and being impatient for the next one. I loved the originality of a lot of it (which has since been copied in some respects by other writers). I love the word seethe for a collection of vampires. I’m just saying. That’s brilliant.

Anyhow, as I read it this time, I noticed some different reactions. I wasn’t sure I bought into Gerry’s rationale and how it work. Also, I wasn’t sure that the Witch’s son had enough set up and enough motivation.

But I was still blown away by the worldbuilding, by the complexity of the rules of pack are, of the rules of the Marrock are, and the complexity and depth of the characters and relationships. (For instance, reading it this time, I KNOW she has a plan for Ben and what it is–she’s told me that she knew all about Ben the moment she committed him to the page). And that adds depth to things.

I have to confess I am not caught up on the series. Some time ago when I was preparing to get the house on the market, I packed up most of my books, starting with my keepers. Well, guess what Patty’s books are? I can’t remember which I have, so I’ve been reluctant to buy what I already have. Plus I like to go back and reread older books in a series when reading the fresh new books. It makes me wonder, however, how much the issues of what Mercy is as a walker have been developed in terms of certain immunities to magic and other talents. I’m really curious now and want to get up. I need to get to the library and just read them all again.

Tell me, what are your thoughts? How do you feel about Gerry’s rationale/plan? What did you think of the son (was his name Robin? I suddenly can’t remember).

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