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Old or antique?

The purple I put in my hair is not holding. That means my hair is too healthy. Dammit. So I have to do a bit of bleaching apparently. The color is also oddly darker than usual, so maybe the bleach will brighten it up.

I finished prepping my class for Monday. I’m happy about that. Of course my son brought home his book that they’ve been reading at school and wants me to read and catch up. Not that hard, but I’ve a ton of stuff to do.

What’s the difference between antique/vintage and old/outdated? I went into the son of a friend’s house that he’d just bought and the former owner had left behind a metal avocado green breadbox. It’s atrocious. But I don’t recognize antique/vintage vs. old and crappy. This could have been. In fact there’s a lot of old stuff that I find crappy, and some I like. Is it the same thing as weeds? One person’s weed is another’s garden flower?

I’m trying to start work on a new proposal and I have so many pieces but they are still whirling around and not settling down. I need something else, but I’m not sure what. I think I’ll just jump in and explore and see. One of my issues is that I haven’t figured out the setting. I want to set it in the south. I’m thinking maybe not far from Asheville. Or maybe northeastern Georgia or southeastern Tennessee. The trouble is, the research. Google Earth is my friend, as is the net and books and tourist brochures, but I still would like to have eyes on the ground. The chances of me getting to go look around aren’t excellent at this point. I’m looking for a place that’s fairly rural, but within 1-2 hours of a larger city (of maybe 50-100K or more). I’m needing hill/mountain country with trees and rivers. I’m thinking Smokey Mountains. Anybody got ideas?

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Asheville and the surrounding Blue Ridge were lovely thirty years ago. No idea what has happened since. I'd stay away from the Tennessee side of the park unless you want tacky touristy. North Georgia into the Smokies is variable.
My parents have a place in Franklin NC, which is about an hour and a bit from Asheville or Knoxville and 2 hours from Greenville SC. It's very scenic and rural.

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