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falling cow


Because it’s cold and I refuse to turn the heater on in May, May 19th for criminy’s sake, I started a fire in the woodstove.

Because I haven’t actually left town in seven weeks, and I haven’t seen a good friend in I don’t know how long, I went to Butte today and ran some errands and had lunch with said friend.

Because the dogs are dropping hair like a billion dandelions, I vacuumed the house after the kids went to bed. Well, the lower half. Tomorrow will be the upper half.

Because I forgot to run the dishes and the sink is overflowing, I not only ran the dishwasher, but did a slew of handwashing.

Because it rained for the last three days, I haven’t planted the flowers I bought yet. But things are getting green.

Because I went to Butte today, I saw 5 golden eagles. Huge freaking birds and so lovely.

Because I went to Butte with my son, he talked nonstop for about 2 hours before he got tired. I mean nonstop. NON. STOP.

Because I went into Walmart for some protein powder (which I did not find–why do they put so much crap in it? going to the Health Food Store tomorrow. It wasn’t open today) my son forced me to watch a knife demonstration in order to get a free paring knife.

Because I watched said knife demonstration, I bought knives. I’m a sucker.

What did you do this weekend?

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I'm jealous of your eagles. I haven't seen one yet this year, and I've looked in place they often haunt - Fishing on the Colorado River, fishing on the Uncompahgre, soaring over cow pastures...

If you figure out why they put so much junk in protein powder, let me know. Since I'm allergic to dairy and soy, I finally settled on NutriBiotic's Rice Protein. It made a huge difference in my health.

My weekend? I tied myself to my bed and recovered from a migraine. And rather than read something I enjoyed, I deleted a bunch of free books from my kindle. I've got to get better about not downloading them in the first place...

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